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On-Demand Webinar

Railway Cybersecurity for Rail Professionals

In this webinar, designed for rail professionals, we will explain, step by step, what the threats, risks and possible security measures should be considered when securing your rail system.  

The webinar will cover railway cybersecurity key topics, including:

- Cyber threats to railway systems

- The potential impact of an attack on safety and service continuity

- The methodology of protecting rail operational network

- An in-depth explanation of cybersecurity measures, including network segmentation, monitoring, access control, data protection, endpoint security and more.

Join Serge Van-Themsche and Michal Bar for a free live webinar to expand your skillset in rail cybersecurity. No prior knowledge of cybersecurity is needed.

Serge Van-Themsche

VP Strategic Partnership @ Cylus

Michal Bar

Head of Cyber Professional Services @ Cylus

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