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Continuous Security Monitoring in Rail Technology Environments

Continuous Security Monitoring in Rail Technology Environments

Railway cybersecurity has rapidly advanced in recent years, with it now a concern for countries where rail is considered a strategic and critical infrastructure. In late 2022, the TSA issued a third set of security directives joining governments and administrations worldwide in their proactive approach to improving rail cybersecurity.

Among the measures required by this directive is the implementation of continuous monitoring and detection policies and procedures for detecting and correcting anomalies that affect critical cyber-system operations. The security directive allows CISOs of rail operators and owners to secure budgets and support for enhancing their organization's cybersecurity posture by improving continuous security monitoring capabilities.

That being said, effectively implementing continuous security monitoring for Rail Technology networks is not free of challenges. It requires a combination of cybersecurity technologies suited to Rail Technology environments, developing and implementing suitable processes, and recruiting a team with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Read our white paper to learn what continuous security monitoring means in the context of Rail Technology networks and what techniques can be used to achieve it.

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Omar Benjumea

Lead Cybersecurity GRC Expert


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Continuous Security Monitoring in Rail Technology Environments

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