Securing ERTMS

Cybersecurity considerations for European Rail Traffic Management System
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What is ERTMS?

ERTMS, or European Rail Traffic Management System, is a standard for railways deveoped by the European Union and used worldwide. This system is designed to improve signaling interoperation and management.  ERTMS requires the use of standardized equipment for signaling and safety protocols. With its emphasis on advanced command and control and interoperable technology, ERTMS aims to replace diverse localized systems.

Why is it Important to Protect ERTMS Systems?

ERTMS uses outdated GSM-R

The wireless link of ERTMS is based on the unsecured GSM-R standard.

Built in EuroRadio is not sufficient

EuroRadio, the ERTMS authentication layer, is based on an outdated cryptographic function 3DES.

Movement authority is provided wirelessly

Safety critical functions, such as movement authority commands, are provided through vulnerable wireless communications.

How We Can Help Protect Your ERTMS Systems?

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Asset Visibility

Full asset visibility within your ERTMS system, including RBC, OBU, KMS, as well as all wayside and onboard assets.

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Threat Detection and Response

Detection of cryptographic anomalies and compromising attempts along with DPI into ERTMS traffic, including Subset-26 and Subset-37.

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Automates Compliance

Automatic security control validation that ensures compliance with leading cybersecurity standards as TS 50701 and IEC 62443.

Securing All Rail-Specific Systems


(Communications-Based Train Control)

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(Positive Train Control)

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(Computer-Based Interlocking)

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