Want to shape the future of rail cybersecurity?

Want to shape the future of rail cybersecurity?

We’re growing fast and are looking for talented people to hop on this fast-train!Are you analytical, creative, and a team player? Do you want to work with top talent and apply your technical skills to solve complex challenges? Would you like to make a big impact on a global industry? If so, let’s talk.

Our Culture

We’re fully committed to our mission to lead the domain of rail cybersecurity through team work, innovation and creativity. And to have a good time while we do it.

Career Opportunities

We’re currently hiring for the following positions:

If you don’t see a position that matches your skills and experience, please drop us a line and send your CV to careers@cylus.com.


Our People

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People are the core of what makes Cylus truly stand out. We’re a tightly knit team of people who take initiative, have a passion for tech, and a strong motivation to come up with innovative solutions that make a difference.

We pride ourselves in creating a company culture where work is challenging, rewarding, and also a lot of fun. That’s why we invest substantial efforts in making sure that beyond professional excellence, there’s also a good fit with our thriving company culture.