Securing CBTC

Cybersecurity considerations for Communication-Based Train Control signaling systems
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What is CBTC?

Communications Based Train Control, or CBTC, is an automatic transit control network. It
uses a variety of telecommunications technologies that allow two-way real-time communications between rolling stock (locomotives, freight cars, etc) and rail infrastructure.CBTC uses a reliable network that allows for highly-accurate location positioning. Designed for traffic and infrastructure management, CBTC’s advanced precision standards have increased travel speed and safety compared to alternative signaling systems.

Why is it Important to Protect CBTC Systems?

CBTC signaling systems are not secure by default

CBTC uses proprietary communications, that are not specified with security by default.

Wireless communications for Train Control

Train control commands are provided using wireless communications, thus the perimeter is eliminated.

Increase in digital mission-critical components

Advanced capabilities like ATO/ATP control key functions via digital commands, thus expand the potential impact of a cyber attack.

How We Can Help Protect Your CBTC Systems?

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Asset Visibility

Uparalleled visibility into all assets in your CBTC system, including ATS, ATP and ATO, wayside and onboard.

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Threat Detection and Response

Advanced threat detection that includes DPI into CBTC traffic the uncovers both application-level and network-level threats.

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Automates Compliance

Automatically validates security controls to support your compliance to leading cybersecurity standards as
TS 50701, IEC 62443 and
NIST 800-82.

Securing All Rail-Specific Systems


(European Rail Traffic Management System)

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(Positive Train Control)

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(Computer-Based Interlocking)

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