Securing CBI

Cybersecurity considerations for Computer-Based Interlocking signaling systems
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What is CBI?

CBI, or Computer Based Interlocking, is an arrangement of signal devices that prevent conflicting movements through computer-based technologies. Interlocking systems, or IXL, prevent trains from conflicting movements along the track and make it impossible to display a signal to proceed unless the route is proven safe. Trains are guided by signals and appliances like relays and mechanics through control cables. A CBI system uses computers, which provides more advanced reliability and security than earlier mechanical or electrical systems.

Why is it Important to Protect CBI Systems?

Safety commands are controlled by computers

Previously interlockings were fully mechanical and not compertized. Computer-Based Interlocking can be compromised via software exploitation, leading to safety and security disruptions.

Interlocking communications can be unencrypted

Leading safety standard make the assupmtion that interlocking systems are always air-gapped and therefore shouldn't be encrypted, while air gaps are a known as an unreliable security measure.

CBI is prone to Denial-of-Service (DoS)

Computer Based Interlocking is a fail safe system, and therefore most abnormal commands can lead to an immediate halt. Threat actors can leverage these halts to cause harm.

How We Can Help Protect Your CBI Systems?

Asset Visibility

Complete information regarding interlocking features, maintenance servers, light signals, point machines, and all CBI functions.

Threat Detection and Response

Cutting-edge threat discovery and DPI for vendor-specific interlocking protocols and detection of abnormal commands, attack attempts, and cyber-inflicted disruptions.

Automates Compliance

Supports compliance with leading cybersecurity standards, such as TS 50701, IEC 62443 and NIST 800-82 using automatic validation of security controls.

Securing All Rail-Specific Systems


(Communications-Based Train Control)


(Positive Train Control)


(European Rail Traffic Management System)

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