Securing PTC

Cybersecurity considerations for Positive Train Control systems
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What is PTC?

PTC, or Positive Train Control, is a type of Automatic Train Protection (ATP) standard used in the United States. When using PTC, a train can accurately adjust its settings to include temporary speed restriction enforcement and maintain effective train separation or collision avoidance, rail worker wayside safety, line speed enforcement, and blind spot monitoring.

Why is it Important to Protect PTC Systems?

Train control is based on wireless commands

The move to Automatic Train Protection (ATP) via wireless 220Mhz exposes an additional attack surface to the outside world.

Interoperability connects between railroads

Railroads are connected and communicate with each other, and risk can be posed from trains outside of your system.

Current security tools don't fit

Security tools that weren't specifically designed for PTC systems lack the required visibility, resulting in high rates of false positives and incomplete operational insight.

How We Can Help Protect Your PTC Systems?

Asset Visibility

Full visibility across your PTC system, including Back Office Systems (BOS), locomotives, and Wayside Interface Units (WIS), based on a PTC-focused asset database

Threat Detection and Response

Real-time anomaly detection into PTC traffic, including I-ETMS protocol stack and messages, helping identify threats and vulnerabilities affecting safety and availibility

Automates Compliance

By providing easy-to-use operational context into assets and communications in your PTC system, CylusOne helps you significantly reduce incident response times.

Securing All Rail-Specific Systems


(Communications-Based Train Control)


(Computer-Based Interlocking)


(European Rail Traffic Management System)

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