Ensures optimal security and smooth rail operations

Continuous Threat Detection

Protects the critical assets through security monitoring of the signaling and control networks, including trackside devices, interlocking, and management workstations. Provides protection from cyber threats such as malicious insiders, misconfigurations, or hidden communications.

CylusOne - Continuous Threat Detection
CylusOne - Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Provides complete visibility into the signaling network, from the network’s topology to the granular level of each and every asset. This in-depth view eliminates blind spots, reveals asset connections and classifies redundant ones.

Effective Response and Forensics Insights

CylusOne is easily operated by security or rail professionals and seamlessly integrates into the rail OCC or SIEM environment, where alerts are managed. The dashboard provides access to all the incidents’ data, with drill-down capabilities, forensics tools, actionable insights, mitigation procedures, and reporting options, to create and execute an effective response plan

CylusOne - Effective Response and Forensics Insights

The CylusOne for Signaling Advantage


Proprietary analysis of rail systems behavior

Supports a wide-range of rail protocols and applications

Leverages the unique insights of Cylus’ RailSec research team

No Impact on Safety

Fully passive, non-intrusive monitoring of all communications on the network

Does not add any latency to safety-critical systems

Vendor Agnostic

A centralized solution that protects multi-vendor assets  

Integrates with both modern and legacy systems

Intuitive Interface

Transforms rail cybersecurity events into actionable insights

Easily operable by rail professionals or security analysts

Always Up-to-Date

System is upgraded without implications on safety

Continuously updated with the latest threats on rail systems

Straightforward Deployment

No need for prior information on the network

Can be implemented virtually or physically, on customer premises

See CylusOne for Signaling in Action!