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The Impact of TS-50701 on Cybersecurity in Rail Networks: A Deep-Dive

The rapid advancement of automated train systems and interconnectivity in railways has ushered in a new era of smart transportation. Interconnected ROSs (Rail Operational Systems) can now perform fully-automated mission-critical processes while optimizing the performance of both OT systems and IT networks.

However, the great promise of hyper-connectivity comes with intrinsic risk and creates a wider cyber-attack surface. In response to these new challenges, a group of cybersecurity and railway experts assembled to develop a framework that amalgamates all critical rail cybersecurity requirements into a single technical standard - TS-50701.

In this webinar, we will discuss the newly-released TS-50701 standard, and specifically:

1. TS-50701 requirements and governing principles

2. The broader impact on the rail industry

3. How rail companies can tackle TS-50701 with CylusOne

4. Practical recommendations and actionable insights for railway professionals

Join us to learn more about the new standard and how your organization can create a safer and cyber-secure rail environment.

Christian Schlehuber

Convenor TC 9X/WG 26, CENELEC

MIki Shifman

CTO and Co-founder, Cylus

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