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Securing Rail Operational Systems in the Age of Connectivity

Rail Cybersecurity in an Automated World webinar

The rapid advancement of railway signaling and control systems along with interconnectivity through technologies as Positive Train Control and Communication Based Train Control”, has ushered in a new era for rail cybersecurity. Despite the great promise of connectivity, it comes with intrinsic risk and significant damage potential that has already challenged railways and regulators worldwide. This session will shed new light on emerging cybersecurity threats against modern rail systems while providing practical insights learned from railroad systems around the world.

Based on these new threats, we will examine the Do's and Don'ts of implementing new cybersecurity measures in Rail Operational Systems. The primary goal of this session is to provide the audience with practical tools to defend their systems and to promote smarter cybersecurity thinking within their organizations.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

● How to start your Rail Operational Systems cyber protection program

● Best practices in connecting Security and Rail Operations to build an effective cybersecurity program

● The threat landscape to Rail Operational Systems

● Potential challenges in cybersecurity implementations and how to overcome them

Join us to learn more about these challenges and how your organization can create a safer and cyber-secure rail environment.

Mark Grant

Former CISO, CSX Corporation

Thomas Farmer

Assistant VP for Security, Association of American Railroads (AAR)

Amir Levintal

CEO and co-founder of Cylus


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On-Demand Webinar

Securing Rail Operational Systems in the Age of Connectivity

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