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Next station: Secure your railway network

Come and learn about cybersecurity in the rail operational environment:

- Why is it challenging to protect railway operational networks from cybersecurity attacks

- Why cannot we use traditional IT cybersecurity solutions to solve railway cybersecurity

- NTT’s methodology to secure railway networks together with Cylus’ solutions

- How Cylus protects the railway networks from cyber attacks

Zhanwei Chan

Zhanwei Chan

Global Practice Director - Industrial/IoT Cybersecurity @ NTT

Zhanwei Chan has been helping NTT group of companies to securely transform from legacy Industrial Control Systems to digital industrial systems for 3 years. He manages the OT/IoT Cybersecurity global portfolio across NTT group of companies (NTT Limited, NTT Data and other NTT subsidiaries). His team help organizations to develop strategies, operationalize, manage and monitor security risks in industrial networks. Today, Zhanwei has personally spoken to ~500 organizations globally around their challenges in securing OT & IoT networks. The NTT global OT/IoT Cybersecurity team now consists of dedicated OT cybersecurity experts, including a nuclear engineer. He has an extensive record on service and practice creation. He created the first globally standardized Managed Security Services, and lead Cybersecurity innovation in Dimension Data.

Michal Bar

Michal Bar

Head of Cyber Professional Services at Cylus

Prior to joining Cylus, Michal served as a cybersecurity consultant at the Ernst & Young Advanced Security Center in Tel Aviv for eight years. With over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, Michal has successfully managed large-scale projects, leading teams for various global organizations in the industrial and rail sectors. Michal holds a Master’s degree in Information System Engineering and Computer Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University and holds CISSP certification.

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