Solution Brief

CylusOne for Smart Zone and Conduit Partitioning

April 6, 2021
The recent wave of attacks on critical infrastructure have made yearly risk and vulnerability assessments compulsory to railway operations, if they are to remain cyber compliant. Based on these risk assessments, the thousands of railway assets must be assigned to security zones, connected by conduits. Furthermore, the new TS-50701 railway standard requires that each one of these assets be integrated within a security zone or conduit, ensuring that all data flow meets the same cyber-security requirements.
In other words, without a continuous monitoring system providing smart zone and conduit partitioning, supported by configuration tools enabling the assets’ dataflow segregation according to security levels, no Railway and Public Transport Operator can become TS-50701 compliant.
Solution Highlights:
1. Automated assets regrouping in zones and conduits
2. Full visibility of live asset dataflow
3. Smart partitioning into Zones & Conduits according to multiple criteria selection
4. Partitioning at all levels of the OSI stack, including application layers
5. Easy configuration of authorized dataflow
6. Complying with IEC 62334, TS-50701 & NIS-D
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