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Case Study: Fast Track Cybersecurity Implementation

Welcome to our exclusive presentation on the fast-track implementation of cybersecurity measures in the rail industry. Gain invaluable insights into a compelling case study addressing the pressing need for enhanced defense systems in the face of nation-state cyber threats targeting critical infrastructure resilience.

In response to repeated attacks, the local cybersecurity authority mandated the rail operator to fortify its security measures. However, challenges arose due to the intricacies of the signaling architecture, safety requirements, and a lack of security by design.

Collaborating seamlessly with Cylus, the rail operator meticulously identified gaps and risks within their existing plan. They successfully addressed all cybersecurity requirements by leveraging Cylus' cutting-edge multi-function cybersecurity suite—crafted specifically for rail environments. A pivotal aspect of this implementation was the reduction in overall project spending, amplifying both safety measures and business continuity.

This insightful presentation, originally showcased at the Rail Cybersecurity USA event by Cyber Senate, offers a firsthand account of the transformative journey towards a cyber-resilient rail infrastructure. Join us as we delve deeper into the strategies employed, challenges overcome, and the remarkable outcomes achieved in this critical cybersecurity endeavor.


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On-Demand Webinar

Case Study: Fast Track Cybersecurity Implementation

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