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Combining next-generation industrial firewall with the leading rail cybersecurity solution

Belden and Cylus announced our exciting partnership at InnoTrans 2022. Watch Ronen Rabinovich from Belden, and Cylus CTO, Miki Shifman, discuss the cybersecurity partnership and how the integrated solution will benefit rail operators. 

Combining Belden’s next-generation industrial firewall (NGFW), the EAGLE40-6M, with CylusOne, the leading rail cybersecurity solution, the integrated cybersecurity solution is tailored specifically to signaling and rolling stock systems. The solution leverages existing hardware to help ensure compliance with international rail safety and cybersecurity standards. 


- Joint networking and cybersecurity solution that addresses rail cybersecurity regulatory compliance requirements, including TS 50701, AS7770, NIST CSF, TSA Directives, and local regulatory requirements

- Decreases the physical space required to deploy layered security solutions on rolling stock

- Reduces the onboard power demand of the overall solution

- Lowers the total cost of ownership of the combined solution

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