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Rail Cybersecurity 2022: a Year in Review

Infographic - Rail Cybersecurity 2022: a Year in Review

As cybersecurity hiring levels in the railway industry rose to a high in 2022, we see how digitization is transforming the industry, impacting an expansion in cybersecurity standards and regulations worldwide and increasing targeted attacks.

As we enter 2023, it’s essential to take a moment and look back at what an influential year 2022 was for rail cybersecurity. 

In late 2021, the TSA issued a security directive in response to the ongoing cybersecurity threats on the transportation system, namely, the railway industry. In October 2022, the TSA issued a third set of security directives, part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s proactive approach to improving the United States cyber security and defense of critical infrastructures. This security directive was just one of many issued by governments and organizations globally. 

Unfortunately, while the significance of cybersecurity in railway systems has become increasingly recognized, attacks and disruptions in the industry are also on the rise. 2022’s rail cyber-attack targets included Belarus, Italy, Denmark, and others, a not-so-quiet reminder that digital rail technology presents risks and expands the cyber threat landscape.

Looking forward, it’s important to remember the events that took place in 2022 to learn from them and understand how they will impact the future of your railway systems. Choosing the right rail cybersecurity solution will help you build the foundation to secure your critical operations and infrastructures from today’s growing cyber threats. 

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Download 2022 Rail Cybersecurity at a Glance Infographic

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Rail Cybersecurity 2022: a Year in Review

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