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Red-team / Blue-team
Attack Simulation

Demonstrating your Practical Operational Cybersecurity Challenges

Your rail operational environment is composed of a variety of technologies, systems, policies, procedures, and processes. Each environment is specific, as well as its attack surface.

The first step attackers perform is to gather information on the targeted environment, followed by dedicated attack scenarios to succeed in their action.

When deciding on your operational network cybersecurity strategy, it is important to demonstrate the environment’s attack surface, by simulating relevant network attack scenarios and making it more tangible to different company stakeholders, to assist you in defining your specific needs.

Our Solution
Red-team / Blue-team Attack Simulation

Our red-team/blue-team attack simulation demonstrates real-life cyber attacks over your signaling and control network. Our simulation is performed without affecting or interfering with your daily operations,
as it is done on your lab or based on recorded data from your operational network.

The red-team acts as attackers performing cyber attacks on your signaling and control network, and the blue-team plays the role of analysts who monitor the CylusOne cybersecurity solution, verifying that the cybersecurity attacks on your operational systems are systematically detected.

Our simulation involves tangible cyber attacks that might make an impact on your environment’s safety and availability, easily understood by non-cyber experts. We demonstrate how CylusOne identifies cyber
attacks in their early stages, allowing your organization to properly respond and contain cybersecurity events before any significant damage is done. We are constantly developing our cyber attack scenarios based on ongoing and up-to-date cybersecurity research dedicated to railway proprietary protocols and operational environments.

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