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Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Identifying and Containing your Cybersecurity Risks and Vulnerabilities

Rail operational risks come from multiple sources including people, processes, and technologies. Cybersecurity risks to your signaling and control network have a significant role in your overall operational risk level.

To handle cybersecurity threats hanging over your operational environment, you need to have a method to identify and contain the cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities in your signaling and control network.

As new technologies and devices are brought into the network, your environment is constantly changing
and the need to have full visibility of up-to-date risks grows. By applying cybersecurity solutions, countermeasures, compensating controls, and complying with rail industry standards, such as IEC 62443, you can mitigate your vulnerabilities up to a tolerable risk level.

Our Solution
Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Our risk and vulnerability assessment maps out the different zones and conduits in your networks. We identify the corresponding risks and security levels, the existing vulnerabilities and their impact on your operational environment, together with gaps between existing and tolerable risk levels. At the last phase, we provide vulnerability mitigation recommendations and solutions to reduce the risk to its
target level.

Our methodology and approach are based on CYRail and the IEC 62443-3-2 and IEC 62443-3-3 standards and combines best practices from multiple industry cybersecurity standards and guidelines, together with leveraging methodologies from the safety domain.

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