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Get on the Right Track: 5 Ways to Improve Rail Cybersecurity

Implementing cybersecurity practices in an existing rail line can be extremely challenging. Legacy systems and rigid architecture requirements may create several obstacles or even prevent any progress.
Surprisingly, even when new rail lines are planned, these challenges may arise because of equipment designed without cybersecurity in mind. An effective strategy to overcome these challenges is employing compensating controls within the rail network.
Compensating controls (e.g., virtual patching, virtual segmentation, access management, etc.) are powerful tools to improve cybersecurity resilience without systemic modifications. 
In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:
• The growing need for rail cybersecurity
• Challenges involved in cybersecurity implementations
• What are compensating controls?
• Best practices for fortifying your security posture
Watch now and learn more about how your organization can get on the right track to a cyber-safe future.

MIki Shifman

MIki Shifman

CTO and Co-founder, Cylus

Miki is a veteran leader in the development of complex cyber security projects, with over ten years of experience in software engineering, research, and management. Prior to co-founding Cylus, Miki served as a cyber researcher and an R&D leader in the Cyber R&D Division of the Israel Defense Force’s Elite Technological Unit. He led teams awarded the Israel Defense Prize for exceptional technological breakthroughs and received high military honors for extraordinary achievement and exceptional contributions to national security.

Daniel Shkedi

Daniel Shkedi

Director of Product Marketing

Daniel Shkedi is the Director of Product Marketing at Cylus.Before joining Cylus, Daniel held product marketing and presales roles at leading fraud prevention and cybersecurity companies (Forter, BioCatch, Nation-E). Daniel holds an MBA from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, along with an M.A from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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