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Meet Cylus at SmartMetro 2022


November 14-16, 2022

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Let’s meet to find out how to ensure safety and service availability for your railway

We will be exhibiting at SmartMetro

  • Asset Management - Real-time discovery and monitoring of all assets across the rail ecosystem, including non-IP and legacy devices such as point machines, light signals, interlocking, workstations, CCTVs and more.
  • Threat Detection - Unmatched threat detection powered by advanced modeling, deep packet inspection and four detection engines.
  • Security Operations and Remediation - A multi-functional platform that bridges the gap between cybersecurity and rail operations, offers remediation playbooks, and integrates seamlessly with OCC and SOC systems.
  • Virtual Segmentation - Automated virtual segmentation into security zones and conduits for continuous compliance with all rail cybersecurity standards and regulations (e.g, IEC-62443, TS-50701, and more).